About us

Quality, Speed and Innovation.

The company

Inducorte was born in 1987, having pioneered the production of molds for the footwear industry using state-of-the-art technologies, using CNC instead of the classic pantograph, which was used at the time.

In Portugal, it has revolutionized this industry, rapidly becoming one of the leading companies in the sector, starting a cycle of continuous sustained growth with more than 30 years.

Currently, it has facilities with approximately 2000 square meters of covered area, 31 employees, who are dedicated intensively to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Molds for shoe soles

We specialize in the production of footwear molds using state-of-the-art technology.

At the same time, and in response to market demands, we have developed the production of vazadores, matrices and leather cutters, increasing our offer of products for this industry.


Technical molds

Inducorte’s sustained growth was accompanied by a constant evolution in the quality of products and services, which also allowed us to respond to the needs of the market for technical molds, namely for the automotive industry.


Our commitment to customers is to execute a fast, personalized and excellent service, producing high quality products and respecting the design criteria and delivery times.

Partnership service

Adopting a customer proximity policy has proven to be a key driver of growth. This culture of partnership and continuous monitoring is still rooted in the spirit of the company, being one of the differentiating factors of Inducorte’s service.

Inducorte around the world

In addition to Portugal, Inducorte sells to Spain, Morocco, Holland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, India, among other countries.

Our history – 30 years of growth


Inducorte began its activity on October 14, 1987, in the industrial area of Roligo, in Espargo, Santa Maria da Feira, and was dedicated to the manufacture of steel shears for the footwear industry, having as main customers the largest companies in the region in this sector


The following year, it moved to new facilities, a parish in the same municipality, Escapães, where it remained until 1997. This change was due to the rapid growth of the company, as well as the need to approach its main clients, located in São João da Madeira.


In 1997, at the time of construction of the current facilities, the design and manufacture of aluminum molds for the injection of soles for footwear began.


Ampliação da fabrica e melhoramento das condições de trabalho.

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